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    Nicholas Sto?e, Hatem Nounu, Ramona Gaza, Kerry Lee, Amir Bahadori, Comparison of Passive and Active Exploration Flight Test 1 Radiation Detector Measurements with Trapped Proton and Vehicle Shielding Model Calculations, TP-2016-218599, 2/1/2016, pp. 26, Location unavailable.

    Keywords: BIRD, EFT1, Timepix, Trapped Radiation, protons, MPCV

    Abstract: The Battery-operated Independent Radiation Detector and Radiation Area Monitors ?own on-board the Exploration Flight Test 1 mission provide a unique opportunity to compare vehicle modeling results with both active and passive radiation measurements. The environment de?nitions and modeling e?orts are described, and a comparison of passive and active measurements is presented with respect to the modeling results.