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  5. Gary E. Riccio*; P. Vernon McDonald*; Brian T. Peters**; Charles S. Layne**; Jacob J. Bloomberg, Understanding Skill in EVA Mass Handling, Volume II; Empirical Investigation, TP-1997-3684pt2, 7/1/1997, pp. 36, * Nascent Technologies; ** KRUG Life Sciences.

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  10. Mihriban Whitmore*; Andrea Berman*; Cynthia Chmielewski*, Independent Verification and Validation of Complex User Interfaces: A Human Factors Approach, TP-3665, 3/1/1997, pp. 52, *Lockheed Martin Engineering & Sciences Services.

  11. Todd Peters, John Saiz, Carl Scott, and Eugene Ungar, Editors, Eighth Annual Thermal and Fluids Analysis Workshop on Spacecraft and Design, CP-3359, 9/1/1997, pp. 175, Location unavailable.

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