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  1. David K. Barton*, David Brillinger**, A.H. El-Shaarawi***, Patrick McDaniel#, Kenneth H. Pollock##, Michael T. Tuley###, Final Report of the Haystack Orbital Debris Data Review Panel, TM-1998-4809, 2/1/1998, pp. 60, *Anro Engineering; **University of California; ***National Weather Research Institute; #United States Air Force; ##North Carolina State University; ###Georgia Institute of Technology.

  2. Gary E. Riccio* and P. Vernon McDonald**, Multimodal Perception and Multicriterion Control of Nested Systems: I. Coordination of Postural Control and Vehicular Control, TP-1998-3703, 1/1/1998, pp. 76, *Nascent Technologies, Ltd. **National Space Biomedical Research Institute.

  3. Gary E. Riccio* , P. Vernon McDonald**, Gregg E. Irvin***, and Jacob J. Bloomberg, TP 3703, Multimodal Perception and Multicriterion Control of Nested Systems: II. Constraints on Crew Members During Space Vehicle Abort, Entry, and Landing, TP-1998-3703v2, 4/1/1998, pp. 42, *Nascent Technologies, Ltd. **Wyle Laboratories ***Nascent Technologies.

  4. Carroll G. Thronesbery*, Jane T. Malin, Field Guide for Designing Human Interaction With Intelligent Systems, TM-1998-208470, 7/1/1998, pp. 46, * Metrica.

  5. C. A. Sapp,* M. W. Snyder,** J. L. Dragg,* M. T. Gaunce, J. E. Decker***, Photogrammetric Assessment of the Hubble Space Telescope Solar Arrays During the Second Servicing Mission, TP-207193, 4/1/1998, pp. 195, *Lockheed Martin **Hernandez Engineering ***Goddard Space Flight Center.

  6. Friedrich Horz, Mark Cintala, Michael Zolensky, Ronald Bernhard*, William Davidson*, Gerald Haynes*, Thomas See*, Peter Tsou**, Donald Brownlee***, Capture of Hyervelocity Particles With Low-Density Aerogel, TM-1998-207192, 3/1/1998, pp. 60, *Lockheed-Martin Space Mission Systems and Services **Jet Propulsion Laboratory *** University of Washington.

  7. Donald Barker, Gregory Chamitoff, George James, Rescource Utilization and Site Selection for a Self-sufficient Martian Outpost, TM-1998-206538, 4/1/1998, pp. 52, Location unavailable.

  8. S.M.C. Lee,* M.E. Guilliams,* A.D. Moore, Jr.,* W.J. Williams,* M.C. Greenisen, S.M. Fortney, Exercise Countermeasures Demonstration Project During the Lunar-Mars Life Support Test Project Phase IIA, TM-1998-206537, 1/1/1998, pp. 71, *Krug Life Sciences, Inc.

  9. Carl Scott, An Approximate Axisymmetric Viscous Shock Layer Aeroheating Method for 3-Dimensional Bodies, TM-1998-207890, 5/1/1998, pp. 36, Location unavailable.

  10. Bret G. Drake, editor, Reference Mission 3.0, Addendum to the Human Exploration of Mars: The Reference Mission of the NASA Mars Exploration Study Team, SP-6107-ADD, 6/1/1998, pp. 62, This addendum was published first under the number of EX13-98-036. It will be referenced by both numbers in the CASI database.

  11. Phillip A. Bishop,* Marcas M. Bamman,** Suzanne Fortney, Michael Greenisen, Alan D. Moore, Jr.,** Steven F. Siconolfi, and William Squires***, Procedures for Exercise Physiology Laboratories, TM-1998-104826, 7/1/1998, pp. 63, *University of Alabama **Krug Life Sciences ***Texas Lutheran University.

  12. Johnson Space Center, Johnson Space Center Research & Technology 1997 Annual Report, TM-1998-104827, 8/1/1998, pp. 93, Location unavailable.

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