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  1. Mihriban Whitmore*, Andrea Berman*, Diane Byerly, Ergonomic Evaluations of Microgravity Workstations, CR-1996-201378, 7/1/1996, pp. 57, * Lockheed Martin Engineering and Sciences Company Houston, Texas.

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  5. Honglu Wu*, William Atwell**, Francis A. Cucinotta***, Chui-hsu Yang, Estimate of Space Radiation-Induced Cancer Risks for International Space Station Orbits, TM-104818, 4/1/1996, pp. 65, *KRUG Life Sciences, Houston, Texas **Rockwell Space Systems Division, Houston, Texas ***NASA Langley Research Center, Hampton, Virginia.

  6. Paul O. Romere; Charles H. Campbell; Jose M. Caram; Stanley A. Bouslog*, Results of the 0.0175-Scale Shuttle Orbiter Vehicle Boundary Layer Transition Wind Tunnel Test (MH-11) in the AEDC VKF Tunnel B, TM-1996-104820, 5/1/1996, pp. 655, *Lockheed-Martin Engineering and Science Services Houston, Texas.

  7. Author unavailable, Johnson Space Center Research and Technology 1995 Annual Report, TM-104811, 3/1/1996, pp. total unavailable, Location unavailable.

  8. Richard Slater, U.S./Russian Joint Film Test, TM-104817, 4/1/1996, pp. 21, For additional information contact Richard Slater, Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center, 713-483-7723.

  9. David A. Morgan*; Robert P. Wilmington*; Abhilash K. Pandya*; James C. Maida; Kenneth J. Demel, Comparison of Extravehicular Mobility Unit (EMU) Suited and Unsuited Isolated Joint Strength Measurements, TP-3613, 6/1/1996, pp. 54, *Lockheed-Martin Engineering Science Services, Houston, Texas.

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  12. Joel M. Stoltzfus; Jesse Dees*; Robert F. Poe*, Guide for Oxygen Hazards Analyses on Components and Systems, TM-104823, 10/1/1996, pp. 13, *Lockheed Martin Engineering & Science Services, Las Cruces, New Mexico.

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  18. D. J. Kessler; J. Zhang*; M. J. Matney*; P. Eichler*; R. C. Reynolds*; P. D. Anz-Meador**; E. G. Stansbery, A Computer Based Orbital Debris Environment Model for Spacecraft Design and Observation in Low Earth Orbit, TM-104825, 11/1/1996, pp. 55, *Lockheed Martin Engineering and Sciences Services; **Viking Science and Technology, Inc.

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