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  11. Laura A. Thompson,* Johnny Conkin,** Raj S. Chhikara,* and Michael R. Powell***, Modeling Grade IV Gas Emboli Using a Limited Failure Population Modelwith Random Effects, TP-2002-210781, 5/1/2002, pp. 46, *UH-CL, School of Natural and Applied Sciences, Houston, TX; **National Space Biomedical Research Institute, Houston, TX; NASA-Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX.

  12. Francis Cucinotta, Walter Schimmerling,** John W. Wilson,*** Leif E. Peterson,**** Guatam Badhwar, Premkumar Saganti, and John F. Dicello*, Space Radiation Cancer Risk Projections for Exploration Missions: Uncertainty Reduction and Mitigation, TP-2002-210777, 1/8/2002, pp. 57, *Johns Hopkins Medical School; **NASA Headquarters; ***NASA Langley Research Center; ****Baylor College of Medicine.

  13. Jer-Chyi Liou*; Mark J. Matney*; Phillip D. Anz-Meador**; Donald Kessler***; Mark Jansen****; Jeffery R. Theall, The New NASA Orbital Debris Engineering Model ORDEM2000, TP-2002-210780, 5/1/2002, pp. 99, *Lockheed Martin Space Operations; **Viking Science and Technology, Inc.; ***private consultant; ****Hernandez Engineering.

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