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  7. Valerie Meyers; Eduardo Almeida; Todd Elliott; Shannon Langford; Tacey Baker, Expert Panel Recommendations for Enabling Cell Science Requirements, TP-2013-217379, 9/1/2013, pp. 34, Location unavailable.

  8. Jeffrey T. Somers ; Dustin Gohmert; James W. Brinkley, Application of the Brinkley Dynamic Response Criterion to Spacecraft Transient Dynamic Events, TM-2013-217380, 9/1/2013, pp. 90, An errata was added to this document, February 2014.

  9. Alexandra Whitmire, Kelley Slack, James Locke, Kathryn Keeton, Holly Patterson, Jeremy Faulk, Lauren Leveton, Sleep Quality Questionnaire Short-Duration Flyers, TM-2013-217378, 7/1/2013, pp. 74, Location unavailable.

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